Would You Rather Wednesday: No Phone or No Internet for a Month

I apologize for skipping last week (it wont happen again, I swear!). Today’s Would You Rather Wednesday question is, “Would you rather have no phone or no Internet for a month?’ Some rules:

No Phone: You will no longer have your phone. You can’t use it for anything. You will have to find another way to keep in contact with all of your friends and make plans. You can’t use a house phone or a tablet computer either. You’ll have to use alternative methods such as carrier pigeons, email, aim, etc.

No Internet: You can’t use anything Internet related at all. Think of the Junior High School days when all you had was those brick Nokia phones that you played Snake on all day in class. You can’t use a computer for e-mails, streaming music, Facebook. If you have an iPhone, it will still operate as a phone but you’ll have no data plan (no browsing, no Draw Something, NOTHING!)
No PhoneORNo Internet

9 Responses to Would You Rather Wednesday: No Phone or No Internet for a Month
  1. Stephanie Reply

    Wait, can I keep my iPhone without its phone features? Just use for internet?

    • Andrew Reply

      Nope, you lose your phone completely.

  2. Param Reply

    no phone. this was too easy

  3. Andrew Reply

    No Phone. I essentially live on my computer and I have no idea what I would do without being able to check email, Facebook, Twitter, websites daily.

    A life without having a cell phone is probably going to absolutely horrible though since you have no way to contact anyone besides Facebook and AIM.

  4. Carmen Reply

    no phone. I hate talking on the phone anyways so email & gchat/aim it is! i can sooo do that.

    carrier pigeons…really? haha

  5. Andrew Toburen Reply

    Yeah, despite the usefulness of a phone- it looses most of the mind shattering awesomeness without an internet connections. I bet less than 10% of my apps work without internet 🙁 no phone for me.

  6. Stephanie Reply

    no phone. I’ll just use library computers or people at starbucks while I’m out and about. Or just lug around my laptop 😛

  7. Daniel Sayer Reply


  8. atom Reply

    No phone, hands down!

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