Would You Rather Wednesday: Be Stuck in a Broken Elevator for 10 Hours or on a Broken Ski Lift for 10 Hours

Today’s Would You Rather Wednesday question is ‘Would you rather be stuck in a broken elevator for 10 hours or on a broken ski lift for 10 hours?’ Some Rules:

For Both: You’re by yourself. You have no electronic devices on you (no iPhone, no iPad, NOTHING!) The only food you have on you is an Almond Joy and some Tic Tacs.

EDIT Broken Elevator:¬†You’re in the oldest elevator in ALL of New York City. This thing is freaking scary. It breaks down all the time, the door closes on people’s body parts. You’re surprised it even works. There’s no elevator music. It’s in the heart of Winter and this elevator doesn’t have heat. You’re stuck in-between the two highest floors of this building.

Broken Ski Lift: You’re at one of the highest points of the ski lift where it’s impossible to jump down. It’s pretty cold outside (you were skiing!). @Matt Ramos — The ski lift is not going to fall or break.
Broken ElevatorORBroken Ski Lift


8 Responses to Would You Rather Wednesday: Be Stuck in a Broken Elevator for 10 Hours or on a Broken Ski Lift for 10 Hours
  1. Matt Reply


    Have you seen elevator emergency brakes? That thing isn’t falling. Have you seen SPEED? It took tons of C4 and a jam packed elevator to move that thing, and the emergency brakes still caught it.

    So the real question is. Do you want to turn into an icicle with skis attached to your feet? Or do you want to be busting out dance moves in a toasty elevator?

    Unless you’re a professional skier and can jump down regardless of the height.

    • Andrew Reply

      I just edited the question. Would you like to keep your original answer or change it?

      • Matt Reply


  2. Andrew Reply

  3. Param Reply

    Ski lift. I’m sure that I can figure out some awesome macgyver type thing with my skis and poles to get me off that lift sooner. also if i need to go to the bathroom (10 hours!!!), i dont have to worry about stinking up my elevator. just sayin.

  4. Carmen Reply

    hmm enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains or be claustrophobic in an old elevator… who the heck takes a lift by themselves… this is tough one as much as I love boarding and that whole experience… it is cold as hellllll on a lift with wind blowing at you..

    at least in an elevator i can attempt to lay down and nap. ELEVATOR.

  5. Paul B Reply

    have you not seen “Frozen” where teenagers get stuck and then freeze and then one jumps off breaks his leg and wolves eat him. Elevator please

  6. Stephanie Reply

    ELEVATOR! At least I’m not going to freeze to death.

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