Pro Bowl Shuffle

The Pro Bowl is the single worst even of any of the big four sports. I’d rather watch an NFL preseason game. Jimmy Fallon and his posse put together a gem to commemorate its uselessness. Forget the 1985 Bears “Super Bowl Shuffle”. Step aside Jim McMahon. It’s all about the Pro Bowl Shuffle now…

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Jordan McCabe – Now This Kid’s Got Game

Check out this 12 year old kid who obviously has way too much time on his hands watching And1 Streetball videos. He definitely has a lot of talent but unless he gets like 4 feet taller, he’s not going to make it very far. Note: There is probably going to be a really boring Ad that plays before the video, do something else while it’s loading.

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Josh Hara 3 hours ago

Somewhere Al Gore is in a robe, eating a hamburger, watching a CNN report on the dead birds and yelling “I TOLD YOU SO” with his mouth full.

Nell Scovell 4 hours ago

Kudos to the Arkansas blackbirds who just received a MacArthur genius grant for their performance art piece, entitled “Why?”

i used to be a pet 4 hours ago

Giving co-workers the silent treatment by sending them blank emails.

Cole Stratton 3 hours ago

Also, my phone wanted to auto correct whoah to Shoah. Cuz most people are probably texting about a 10 hour holocaust documentary.

Mark Mulkerron 2 hours ago

Somewhere a guy is holding in a fart while watching Black Swan with his date.

Jordan_Morris 3 hours ago

For maximum karma points, make sure your cloth grocery bag has a slogan that makes people feel shitty for not using cloth grocery bags.

Josh Hara 4 hours ago

Just think, soon it will be weird to not have dead birds falling out the sky.

Patton Oswalt 3 hours ago

I’m watching the saddest Xmas decorations in the saddest airport bar being packed up in the saddest way. #sad

Gabriel Marcus 5 hours ago

I’m thinking of going black, any potential pitfalls?

Jackson & Nima yesterday

#LessAmbitiousMovies: Schindler’s Grocery List.

Joe MacLeod 15 hours ago

The Girl With the Temporary Dragon Tattoo #lessambitiousmovies

Doug Benson 3 hours ago

DOLLAR BABY #LessAmbitiousMovies

Meredith Gran 15 hours ago

Edward Fingerhands #lessambitiousmovies

Paul Falvo 6 hours ago

There Will Be Sweat #lessambitiousmovies

Jena Friedman 11 hours ago

Motel Rwanda #lessamitiousmovies

Don’t Call Me Gaga 4 hours ago

Interview with the Umpire #lessambitiousmovies

Brandon Routh 13 hours ago

Inglorious Guys With Really Nice Parents #lessambitiousmovies

Joe Mande 6 hours ago

Something about how, like, burlesque is the steampunk of stripping? Or something? Does that even make sense? Who cares. #LessAmbitiousTweets

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