Would You Rather Wednesday: No Salty Junk Food or No Sweet Junk Food for a Month

I’d like to thank Stephanie Behie for today’s ‘Would You Rather Wednesday’ question. I think this is one of the toughest choices yet. To my faithful fans, I ask you, ‘Would you rather not be able to eat salty junk food (chips, popcorn, etc) or sweet junk food (cake, ice cream, candy, etc) for an entire month?

Some Delicious Salty Junk Food: Potato Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn, Doritos, Party Mix, Cheeze-Its, Cheetos, Cheese Puffs, Hot Fries,Goldfish, Fritos, etc.

Some Delicious Sweet Junk Food: All Cake, All Ice Cream, Gushers, OREO cookies, Twizzlers, Chocolate Bars, Sweedish Fish, etc.
Salty Junk FoodORSweet Junk Food

13 Responses to Would You Rather Wednesday: No Salty Junk Food or No Sweet Junk Food for a Month
  1. Melissa Reply

    I’d rather not eat Salty Junk Food for a month 🙂

    • Andrew Saladino Reply

      Salty snacks are just so satisfying. Sweets / Chocolates get old way too quick.

  2. Carmen Reply

    oh sweeet fosho. i can’t live w/o chips esp HOT FRIES NOMM.

    • Andrew Saladino Reply

      Potato Chips all the way.

  3. Matt Reply

    I eat 35 reese’s eggs per day. You tell me.

    • Andrew Saladino Reply

      In addition to 100 cookies and a container of ice cream.

  4. Andrew Saladino Reply

    Sweets are overrated. The salty category just has way too many delicious TYPES of snacks that are included. Anyone who picks getting rid of salty junk food is a KUNCKLEHEAD.

  5. Steph Reply

    YAY, you used mine! 😀 and you posted it early enough. I give you +5pts for this one.

    I think I will refrain from answering this question because it is an impossible decision.

    • Andrew Saladino Reply

      It’s your question — you have to pick one!

  6. Steph Reply

    okok I’d rather not eat salty foods for a month….does that include Triscuits tho? Cause then I’ll need to reconsider, again.

  7. Pete Reply

    In the name of Sunday team solidarity, I’ll comment on the blog.

    That said, who still eats GUSHERS?

    I would vote to keep salty food… But this could change drastically if food eaten during meals is exempt from the limitations. If I can get my salty food on for meals (or my sweet food on for desserts with a meal), this question becomes meaningless.

  8. Steph Reply

    Excuse me PETE. But I happen to love gushers, fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, ETC. Don’t hate.

  9. atom Reply

    no sweet foods for a month….i love salt!!! gimmeee

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