Would You Rather Wednesday: No Music or No Cell Phone for 3 Months

Today’s ‘Would You Rather Wednesday’ is a tough one. I ask you this question: ‘Would you rather not be able to listen to music for 3 months or give up your cell phone for 3 months?’ It takes two things that everyone loves and makes you choose between them. As usual, here are some rules and things to think about:

No Music: You can’t listen to music at all for these three months. This includes television (no MTV!), no bars, no clubs, no movies, etc. If there’s music, you can’t hear it.

No Cell Phone: No cell phone at all. No iPhone. No iPad, none of that stuff. Picture your life during the 90s when you actually had to go and socialize and call people on land line telephones. That would be your life for the three months. I’m the type of person who freaks out if they don’t know where their phone is for 5 minutes, let alone 3 months!

Never Listen To MusicORGive Up Your Cell Phone

9 Responses to Would You Rather Wednesday: No Music or No Cell Phone for 3 Months
  1. Param Reply

    I would be really unhappy without music so I choose music. I can live without mobile data. If I’m not allowed to listen to music on my ipod, I’ll carry a boombox like Baron Davis.. looks more fun anyway


  2. Carmen Reply

    no bars, clubs, movies? that means you can’t go to those things orr you can go but just don’t hear any sound/music?

    • Andrew Reply

      You can still go to those places but you won’t hear anything at all.

      • Carmen Reply

        music fosho then. i don’t do landlines

  3. Matt Reply

    No music hands down. How else am I supposed to play Doodle Jump suckazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Andrew Reply

      I wish I could like this.

    • Param Reply

      You’d give up music for a video game!?! Btw, I dont know of this doodle jump but I bet there is music in it… and you wont be able to hear it!!!

  4. StepH Reply

    you already asked if we didnt want a cell phone in a previous post. Wait so if we cant hear music can we hear people talk & sing?

  5. Marc Reply

    Even though a cell can save lives, “I cant live without my Radio!”

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