Would You Rather Wednesday: Be a Man or Be a Woman

I apologize for missing last week’s ‘Would You Rather Wednesday’ due to illness.

Today’s Would You Rather Wednesday question is real simple: Would you rather be a man or be a woman? Choose wisely.
Be a ManORBe a Woman

17 Responses to Would You Rather Wednesday: Be a Man or Be a Woman
  1. Stephanie Behie Reply


    But you should probably remind everyone the perks and the disadvantages of each sex.

    • Andrew Reply

      Please elaborate.

      • Stephanie Behie Reply

        Control all (and every aspect of relationships), are better looking than men (clothed and naked), better communicators, get away with more, dont have to pay for things, maternity leave, treated like a princess, more patience than males, are more productive in our daily activities, treat our bodies better, stronger immune systems, we can ask for directions, talented in more areas

        Period (room for excuses though), pregnant (prove that they are stronger than males), paid less (men support us)…

        Just to name a few. You can fill in for males.

        • Andrew Reply

          Put together a list for Men and watch how much better it is!

      • beth Reply

        I would rather be a woman, because there are a lot of freebees for woman on Wednesdays, like ladies night out, free drinks and also Wednesdays i believe is a day for Women ^_^

  2. atom Reply

    girl power

    • Andrew Reply


  3. Andrew Reply


  4. Param Reply


    • Andrew Reply


  5. Carmen Reply

    girls just wanna have fuuuuh-unnnn

    duh women are prettier and get whatever they want, while men are gross. Also, it’s easier for girls to be tom-boyish and like guy things versus guys being made fun of for getting their nails done or liking chick flicks (WE ALL KNOW YOU DO)

    • Andrew Reply

      Horrible points. You clearly deep down wish you were a man.

  6. YoonBot Reply

    Has there ever been a female president yet? Man runs the country. But on the flip side who runs the man?

    • Andrew Reply

      Whoever makes the most delicious food runs the man.

      • YoonBot Reply

        Lol i guess i rule man. But i meant women rule man. Hopefully we will have a fem prez one day. We need shit to happen. Changes. Or juat bring clinton back.

        • Andrew Reply

          All of the world’s issues can be solved by simply making Clinton the president again. I don’t know why everyone else doesn’t see it …

  7. Ritesh Reply

    Ryan Gosling

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