Would You Rather Wednesday: Be Fluent in Every Spoken Language or Master of Every Musical Instrument in the World

And you can only take one.

Notes: You never forget a language or a musical skill either. Its always there in your head. And also, when I say a ‘master on musical instruments’, I mean one of the best in the world. Also the languages are only communication languages, not programming skills.

Be Fluent in Every Spoken LanguageORMaster of Every Musical Instrument in the World

27 Responses to Would You Rather Wednesday: Be Fluent in Every Spoken Language or Master of Every Musical Instrument in the World
  1. Matt Reply

    The answer is every musical instrument. Anybody who doesn’t pick that is wrong.

    Congratulations, you know every language, now what? Are you going to translate for the rest of your life?

    Congratulations, you know EVERY instrument. You’re now John Mayer. Collect your money, retire, and enjoy the rest of your life.

    • Carmen Reply

      Matt is wrong. Knowing every language would be more beneficial. You would be able to communicate with every individual in the world. Who doesn’t want to travel the world!

      • Matt Reply

        Where are you getting the money to travel the world? With millions of dollars of releasing records/videos/random stuff for a year, I’d hire private tutors to teach me whatever I needed to know.

        • Carmen Reply

          Who says you’ll be an instant star if you knew how to play every instrument? At least I can be of use to the world with knowing every language. I can use my skill to help third world countries get the help they need…can you do that with playing instruments?

          • Carmen

            Think about the children.

          • Andrew

            You ever hear of something called YouTube? You’d be known as the guy who is the master of every instrument within a week.

    • The Dude Reply

      Languages. Hands down.

      You can make money doing either.

  2. TS Reply

    I’m going to go with instruments, it just seems way more fun.

  3. Erica Reply

    Every spoken language; travel, culture and communicate.

    You could rule the world.

  4. Daniel Sayer Reply

    Would you rather know German or be able to play the bagpipes?

  5. Tom Conte Reply

    Fluent in every language.

    You are more valuable in a global work space if you can speak the native language.

    Not to mention, traveling the world will be very easy if you can speak the native language, too.

  6. Andrew Reply

    Although I feel like knowing every language is useful in so many ways, I think you’d be crazy NOT to take the music side of this question. You will without a doubt become amazingly rich, a legend in music history forever (the person who was the BEST at EVERY instrument), people of the opposite sex would find you completely irresistible.

    With your fame and fortune, you can pay a translator a ton of money to stand next to you at every moment of every day.

    I rest my case. #WINNING

  7. Param Reply


  8. Austadpro Reply

    Music, hands down. I agree with Matt, you could be the next Justin Bieber. Music is also multi-cultural. I don’t see any way of making any real cash with languages unless you have other skills to make it useful.

    • Andrew Reply

      Justin Bieber reference for the win.

  9. Ravi Reply

    Matt is wrong only because after he said once you know every musical instrument you’re John Mayer. i’d rather know zero languages and no musical instruments than be John Mayer.

    • Andrew Reply

      I’d rather not be able to play any instruments nor speak a language and be John Mayer.

    • Matt Reply

      It’s just an example Ravi. You can be Ra One for all I care.

  10. Malcolm Reply

    When you say master every instrument does that include the ability to create and compose

    • Andrew Reply

      You can do it all. You’re the best.

  11. atom Reply

    LANGUAGES, hands down. Mmm John Mayer…

  12. Stephanie Reply

    Fluent in every spoken language

  13. Harrison Gustof Griffin Reply

    i’d rather be a master of the universe

  14. Julia Reply

    Instruments, FO SHO. Good question Andrew. Though I would love to be fluent in every language, playing an instrument is something you can enjoy alone, whereas to truly benefit from speaking a language you have to be with other people who speak it. In my opinion, of course.

  15. Marc Reply

    thats a hard one, music is beautiful but language is more powerful i think.

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