Would You Rather Wednesday: Go Back in Time Once or Ability to Turn Invisible

Go Back in Time Once: You can use this ability at any point in your life. You can’t take anything with you and all you have is whatever you can memorize at that point. You can pick any time of your life to go back to.

Ability to Turn Invisible: You are essentially The Invisible Woman and can turn yourself invisible at any time. Only your body is invisible and anything you hold or touch (your clothes, bags of money from a bank, etc.) is not invisible.

UPDATE: There has been some confusion on the “Go Back in Time Once” part. When you choose this option, you will pick a moment in your life that you want to relive (high school, college, the SAT, old relationship, etc.) Once you select that time, you are transported back to that exact moment that you decide on. You will remember everything that you know at that exact moment but you will be in the chosen time. You do not go back and forth through time — you are simply reliving your life from that moment with what you know now (a do over). Let me know if you have any additional questions about this Would You Rather and choose wisely!

Go Back in Time OnceORTurn Invisible Forever

7 Responses to Would You Rather Wednesday: Go Back in Time Once or Ability to Turn Invisible
  1. Erica Reply

    Invisible 110% !!!

    Go anywhere, do anything 🙂

  2. Stephanie Reply

    Wait, can I change something when I go back in time? If that’s the case I would choose go back in time. If not, I would choose invisible.

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