Would You Rather Wednesday: Fall to your Death, Burn to Death, Drown to Death, Eaten Alive?

Today’s ‘Would You Rather Wednesday’ is a little different than the previous ones. I’m giving you four options to choose from and they are all really bad situations. Today’s question is, ‘Would you rather fall to your death, burn to death, drown to death, or be eaten alive?’ Please read the below scenarios for the specifics of your horrible death!

Fall to your Death: You know how all of your friends always say they want to go skydiving? You caved in to their peer pressure and you went. You jump out of the plane with your instructor and then he realizes that the parachute won’t open. He says, “Don’t worry, that’s what the backup parachute is for!”. He then tries to open that one and it won’t open either. You are now cutting through the air with nothing to slow you down.

Burn to Death: You’re in an enclosed room that is locked shut. You’re surrounded by flammable objects and the fire has spread to a point where you have absolutely no way to put it out. It’s a large room and you’re on the other side of the fire. It’s only a matter of time until it reaches you.

Drown to Death: (DISCLAIMER: THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS OF THE MOVIE TITANIC)  You’re Jack Dawson on the Titatic in the scene where he’s handcuffed to the pipe while the ship is sinking. The only problem is that there is no Rose to come and save you with an ax. The room is slowly filling up with water and your demise is inevitable.

Eaten Alive: Like a scene from Resident Evil, you wake up one day and you’re stuck in a mansion. Doesn’t seem too bad. The only problem is everyone that you know and everyone in the mansion is a hungry flesh eating zombie. You’re their dinner for tonight and there’s no way out of the mansion.

3 Responses to Would You Rather Wednesday: Fall to your Death, Burn to Death, Drown to Death, Eaten Alive?
  1. Andrew Saladino Reply

    I’d have to pick ‘Eaten Alive’ since I’ve played a ton of video games in my life and if I have a chance to survive any of those situations, it would probably be that one.

  2. YoonBot Reply

    What? None of the choices are to live, it is all to die. Either way you are going to die. You could say you could live through anyone of these scenarios given certain conditions. BUT, if the real question was inevitable death. I’d choose falling. Think about it, it’ll be so quick and fast you wouldn’t feel it but for a split second. Burning you will not die that fast. Drowning your going to naturally fight for air and die until you drown to death. Eaten alive is probably the worst… unless it’s a boa constrictor and strangles you first, or a wolf rips out ur neck and gives u a quick death, eaten alive is the worst. Falling however, 1. I would get to overcome my challenge of heights, and 2. I get to “sky dive” which I’d never do cuz I’m chicken shit, and 3. it’s like a roller coaster, scary at first, but once ur actually doing it, like skydiving, it’s probably a great experience mainly because of the adrenaline, so you’d have fun if you had the right mind-set and accepted your fate. Now I’m talking from a plane to the ground. If your talking like 4 stories up, and you will die slowly from bleeding out, then I would reconsider my choice. This is a horrible topic to discuss, it’s basically asking how you would prefer to die. What if I had suicidal tendencies and this post helped me choose and I went off and did it? That would suck for you lol. See you this weekend buddy! 🙂 Tell San I’m comin and we gotta kickit!

  3. Param Reply

    fall to death

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