My 2013 Goals

Andrew Saladino's 2013 Goals
On the last day of 2012 and 2013 hours away for the East Coast, I thought it would be the perfect time to start planning for next year and write down my 2013 goals that I want to will accomplish by December 31st, 2013. Some of these are year-long goals while others are achievements that I want to conquer before the year is over. As I complete my goals, I will put a check! next to it and write the date it was done.

Why I’m putting my goals for 2013 on the Internet and public for everyone to see:

  1. So they actually get done – If I just wrote them in a notebook or on a Google Doc somewhere, I’d probably forget about them and give up halfway through the year. With this approach, everyone in the world will see them and can (and should) make fun of me if I don’t finish them all by the end of 2013
  2. So you can help – I’m not going to be able to do it alone — I need your help! If you see me slacking on any of my goals, please yell at me for motivation (I promise I won’t get mad)

Andrew Saladino's 2013 Fitness GoalsFitness Goals

  • |  | Run a 5K – This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time but I keep putting it off. 2013 is the year this is going to happen! I know that a 5K isn’t very far but I absolutely hate running (it hurts so much) and I’ve always told myself it’s not possible. Who wants to help me train?
  • |  | Join the 1000 pound club – This simply means that my one rep max on bench press, squat, and deadlift are equal to or greater than 1000 pounds. I’ve been going to the gym for 4 months now and if I keep it up, I should be able to do this by the end of the year. #SWOLE

Andrew Saladino's 2013 Personal GoalsPersonal Goals

  • |  | Write in my blog once / week – I clearly don’t do this enough and need to get better at it. Please yell at me if it’s the end of the week and I still haven’t done it yet.
  • |  | Read a book once / month – I tell myself that I’m going to ‘read more’ every day but I never do. I think putting an actual number (ONE) to how much to read might help me out with this one. Any good book suggestions?

Andrew Saladino's 2013 Financial GoalsFinancial Goals

  • |  | Save more – I have a bad spending problem and don’t save as much money as I should. My goal in 2013 is to buy half of what I bought in 2012 (which is still a ton) and put that money in a savings account that I won’t use.
  • |  | Stop shopping at Amazon – They make it too easy to buy things with one click checkout and free two day shipping from Prime and it is at a point where I buy something almost every day (ask my coworkers for proof). In 2013, I plan to only buy things I need (or really awesome discounts) from Amazon and not buy things like the 30 pack of Scoth-Brite sponges that is going to last me a lifetime.

Andrew Saladino's 2013 Productivity GoalsProductivity Goals

  • |  | Respond to emails within one day – I’m always multitasking and I always forget to respond to emails until days/weeks later (terrible habit). In 2013, I will either respond immediately to an email or use Boomerang for Gmail (awesome plugin btw) to send me a reminder to respond at a later date.
  • |  | Return phone calls & text messages faster – Pretty much the same as above except I don’t have Boomerang to help

Andrew Saladino's 2013 Embarrassing GoalsEmbarrassing Goals

  • |  | Learn to ride a bike (AGAIN) – There’s only one here because this one is bad. So, I technically can’t ride a bike. I learned when I was younger and didn’t really like it so I went through my childhood without riding a bike and now I don’t know how. I tried about a year and a half ago and it did not go well. My friend was convinced that I would remember how to do it again (the expression it’s like riding a bike) and it would be great — he was very wrong. Can one of my patient awesome friends please teach me??

I’m going to print these out and hang them by my desk as a constant reminder of what I need to do. I hope that you enjoyed reading my 2013 goals and I will write another post at the end of the year with a recap of my successes and failures. If you want to help me on my journey, don’t be shy! Give me a call, email, text, Facebook message, written letter, carrier pigeon, etc. and let’s make it happen. Do you have any goals that you’re setting yourself in 2013? I’d love to hear about them! Write them in the comments below.

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