’s Favorite Tweets from January 5!

Josh Hara 3 hours ago

Somewhere Al Gore is in a robe, eating a hamburger, watching a CNN report on the dead birds and yelling “I TOLD YOU SO” with his mouth full.

Nell Scovell 4 hours ago

Kudos to the Arkansas blackbirds who just received a MacArthur genius grant for their performance art piece, entitled “Why?”

i used to be a pet 4 hours ago

Giving co-workers the silent treatment by sending them blank emails.

Cole Stratton 3 hours ago

Also, my phone wanted to auto correct whoah to Shoah. Cuz most people are probably texting about a 10 hour holocaust documentary.

Mark Mulkerron 2 hours ago

Somewhere a guy is holding in a fart while watching Black Swan with his date.

Jordan_Morris 3 hours ago

For maximum karma points, make sure your cloth grocery bag has a slogan that makes people feel shitty for not using cloth grocery bags.

Josh Hara 4 hours ago

Just think, soon it will be weird to not have dead birds falling out the sky.

Patton Oswalt 3 hours ago

I’m watching the saddest Xmas decorations in the saddest airport bar being packed up in the saddest way. #sad

Gabriel Marcus 5 hours ago

I’m thinking of going black, any potential pitfalls?

Jackson & Nima yesterday

#LessAmbitiousMovies: Schindler’s Grocery List.

Joe MacLeod 15 hours ago

The Girl With the Temporary Dragon Tattoo #lessambitiousmovies

Doug Benson 3 hours ago

DOLLAR BABY #LessAmbitiousMovies

Meredith Gran 15 hours ago

Edward Fingerhands #lessambitiousmovies

Paul Falvo 6 hours ago

There Will Be Sweat #lessambitiousmovies

Jena Friedman 11 hours ago

Motel Rwanda #lessamitiousmovies

Don’t Call Me Gaga 4 hours ago

Interview with the Umpire #lessambitiousmovies

Brandon Routh 13 hours ago

Inglorious Guys With Really Nice Parents #lessambitiousmovies

Joe Mande 6 hours ago

Something about how, like, burlesque is the steampunk of stripping? Or something? Does that even make sense? Who cares. #LessAmbitiousTweets

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