Google+ Badges – Width & Color Options

Google announced today some changes to their Google+ badges. They are now adding more flexibility in the badge to help it fit better in your site’s design.

They are depreciating the size attribute, and introducing width and height. You may now select from two heights and select a variable width (between 100 and 1024 pixels). Similar to Facebook, you can now select either a light or a dark color scheme. See my screenshot below.

Google+ Change - Width & Height

Dates of Google Panda Updates

Google Panda Update DatesI’m compiling a report for one of my clients and I was trying to show them how their traffic was affected by Panda and I couldn’t find a quick list of the dates that Google released all of the Panda updates. To make my life easier (and maybe yours), I’ve compiled the below Google Panda update list which shows the dates when people started seeing changes in their rankings. I will try to update this list after every Panda update as a quick resource.

Google Panda Update Dates:

  • Google Panda 1.0 – February 24th
  • Google Panda 2.0 – April 11th
  • Google Panda 2.1 – May 9th
  • Google Panda 2.2 – June 18th
  • Google Panda 2.3 – July 22nd
Hope this helps!

Head Smacking Internet Marketing Quotes

Did You Really Just Say That?I was reading Conversion Marketing and I came across this great list of internet marketing quotes that are absolutely hilarious (and sadly true).

  1. “We don’t need marketing. Our product is great.” I’d punch you, but I’m paralyzed by the stupid.
  2. “We need to test that, first.” No, you don’t. You don’t have to test whether having a ‘buy now’ button makes people buy more stuff.
  3. SEO is a fraud. Everyone knows you just buy PPC, and you’ll rank higher.” Yup. You cracked the code. Google pulverized Yahoo!, Microsoft and everyone else with that magical formula. You’re a genius.
  4. “I can’t order the development team to do anything. I’m just the CEO.” Did Obi-Wan do a mind trick on you? Or were there monkeys? Terrifying space monkeys?
  5. “Semantic SEO means putting more keywords on the home page.” Oh. God. I’m in the presence of genius.
  6. “You can change anything you want. Just don’t change anything.” To be fair, the speaker then blinked, and we both laughed. But it was tinged with hysteria.
  7. “We found a firm that’ll do it for $1500.” ‘It’ was a complete site redesign and shopping cart rebuild. ‘It’ never got done. ‘They’ didn’t learn anything from the experience.
  8. SEO? Oh, we’re set. We’ve got links in the footer.” OK. You won’t mind if I put my footer someplace tender, right? Said in 2009, not 1999, by the way.
  9. “If we need organic traffic, we’ll call Google.” My jaw broke when it hit the floor.
  10. “Website leads are a distraction.” So’s oxygen. Please stop breathing.
  11. “Should I translate my site into Belorussian?” Not unless you’re setting up a store in Eastern Europe, no.
  12. “$250 for an article? That’s way too expensive.” My bad. I thought you wanted stuff people could read. You probably want our Babbling Idiot Content Plan…
  13. “Why aren’t my rankings improving? I’m paying you, aren’t I?!” Yes, you’re right. Paying me is what matters. Not actually following my recommendations. Once you pay me, good rankings magically emerge from my left nostril.
  14. “We aren’t getting any traffic! We need a mobile app!” I’m not losing weight! I need red paint!
  15. “I just don’t think your work made a difference.” I understand. You hired us. The next day, your paid search cost-per-sale dropped 35%. Your ROI rose 50%. It must’ve been the marketing elves.
  16. “We needed a firm with more years of SEO experience.” So, if I were Chuck Norris, you’d pass me up for someone with a better roundhouse kick?
  17. “I need a white hat SEO firm that can buy me some links…” And I need a Democrat who can get to the point. We’re both dreamers.
  18. “We’ll submit your RSS feed to our content network, getting you lots of links!” Just got this in my inbox a few minutes ago. I gotta go get my credit card…

Article courtesy of Conversion Marketing and entitled Quotes that make me cry inside.

Have you been the victim of any of the above quotes? Have any to add to the list? Leave it in the comments!

Spammiest URL Ever?

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a URL this bad in my entire life: (paste the URL, I refuse to give them a link). To quote my friend Brian, this is definitely “SEO TO THE MAX!”. Nonetheless, their homepage ranks #1 for “Fresh Conservative”.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rap

I never knew how amazing SEO could sound when you sing it in a rap song about “Page Rank”. This is definitely a must see video for anyone who is remotely interested in internet marketing or search engine optimization professionals.

Chuck back again so tell me what you thank,
new song new dance I call it the Page Rank,
so you want to get the listing,
in the top position,
if you pay attention I can show you how to get it,
start with your content, I done said it before,
250 words per page and you good to go,
add headers and titles,
cross links are vital,
make it easy to read use list items,
keyword rich is how its meant to be,
make sure you have good keyword density,
double check your navigation make sure your links function,
by order of importance I call it link sculpting,
unique meta information for all the pages,
trying to make sure you cover all the bases,
all text links should include keyphrases,
make sure you put the links in the right places,
inbound links are what you should be chasing,
great content and good link baiting,
make people link to the site you created,
to do that you gotta have great information,
I’m a tell you something else that works wonders,
Yahoo directory it cost 300
if you a dealer get links from distributors,
if you provide a service get content contributors,
it always helps to get links from manufacturers,
your links should always be adding not subtracting,
link quality is better than link quantity,
get valuable links thats a good link policy,
some people swap links I don’t recommend it,
others buy links well I wouldn’t spend it,
keyword stuffing is not a good practice,
if you doing that you’ll get stuck like a cactus,
do it the right way and be enthusiastic,
and over time your results will be fantastic,
pay attention class,
you need to act fast,
make a mad dash to the first instead of last,
take out your competition like trash,
and watch your page rank raise higher than gas…
Video courtesy of YouTube.


I’m testing something to see how long it would take me to rank for 1800 PRU EASY. If you had to guess how hard it would be to rank for 800-PRU-EASY, how long do you think it would take? I’m pretty sure that I’ll appear on the first page of Google for 800 PRU EASY within 24 hours. What do you think?

EDIT: This page is now ranking for 1800 PRU EASY, 800-PRU-EASY, and 1800-PRU-EASY within 10 minutes of posting. Wow, that was easy.

Don’t Mess With An SEO

Upset boyfriends and girlfriends are nothing new. There are plenty of stories of girlfriends getting back at their ex-boyfriends for mistreatment and visa versa. But in the age where Google ranks supreme, you do not want to mess with a girl who knows how to manipulate Google.

One guy learned this the hard way.

Apparently, a disturbed ex-girlfriend took her ex-boyfriend’s professional taken picture and polluted it all over Google Images for a search on his name. You can see the Google Image search spam yourself by clicking here or in the screen shot below:

Payback Via Google Images

There has to be dozens of the same image, all with little notes from the girl written all over them. I won’t name the individual or the notes but it is a bit interesting to see upset ex-couples use Google Images as payback.

I suspect the images will be dropping out of Google shortly simply because it seems like the image sources have been removed from the servers they were hosted on.

As per the complaint thread started by the boy’s mother at Google Webmaster Help, the mother was extremely upset about this. She said:

My minor son’s ex-girlfriend took a copyrighted picture of him (we own copyright) and uploaded it more than 60 times to a website. On each image she wrote slanderous, defamatory and pornographic captions. The webmaster of the site states he removed the images 6 weeks ago, but Google Search still shows all the images. My son is so stressed out and embarrassed and we’ve done everything we can to get images off of Google including URL removal tool, a letter to Google Legal with all the URLs because of copyright infringement, and nothing has worked!

You see, she knew to have the source site remove the images but Google still has them in their index. The issue is that although the images appear to be gone, the URLs they are sourced via are actually returning a 200 status code, which to Google means they are still there. They need to return a page not found status code, and they do not.

Lesson? Before you upset your girlfriend or boyfriend, make sure they do not know how Google works. Oh, and never mess with an SEO.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

Article courtesy of SERoundTable

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