First Groupon Marriage Proposal Results in a “Yes”

ring-fingerIf you’re of a mind that marriage is a transaction, then this proposal will warm your frost-bitten heart. Today, local deals site Groupon saw its first marriage proposal (or “Grouposal” as the company is calling it) and the bride-to-be, luckily, clicked “Buy.”

The deal page — titled “A Surprise for a Dana from a Greg” — went live in the Cincinnati market today, according to Groupon.

“Greg contacted us because his girlfriend Dana is a huge Groupon fan,” the company tells us. “We are also giving them a Groupon a month in 2011 to keep the magic alive, since we all know romance dies as soon as you say ‘I will.’”

The page features a proposal, penned by Greg himself, and an editorial packed with facts about the couple: She’s an NFL cheerleader, he’s an engineer, he eats her unwanted pizza toppings — aww, young love.

Groupon also added in the below message (which we’re assuming is a joke, unless the deals site is going all Sister Wives on us) for those who click “Buy.”

We’ve seen wedding proposals on a bevy of different social media outlets — from Twitter to Foursquare to Google Street View. It was only a matter of time before the group-buying sphere saw its share of the romantic action.

Who says money can’t buy love?

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, Aquilegia

Article courtesy of Mashable

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  1. Vanessa Reply

    Did they actually say that romance dies after you get married? That’s … encouraging. Good thing they’ll have Groupons to keep their marriage from contributing to the divorce rate.

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