35 Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

I’m a huge fan of infographics and this one definitely does not disappoint. I’d like to thank my friend Dmitry who posted this on his Facebook because I would have never found it otherwise. This infographic gathers 35 amazing tips and tricks that range from everyday household hacks to getting some free stuff.

35 Life Hacks To Make Life Easier

Domestic Hacks

  1. Reverse Your Hangers
  2. Get Out Of The House In Time
  3. Unlock A Chain Lock From Outside
  4. Open A Banana The Right Way
  5. Remember To Bring Important Things
  6. Use Aluminum Foil Correctly
  7. Ice Cold Drink in 3 Minutes Flat

School / Education Hacks

  1. Sources For Your Thesis
  2. Buy Some Time
  3. Get Your Thumbdrive Back

Work / Productivity Hacks

  1. Get Paid To Poop
  2. Keep Motivated
  3. Work As Beer Taster

Free Stuff Hacks

  1. Free Phone Chargers
  2. Free Hotel Porn
  3. Free Air
  4. Free Hotel Reservation Cancellations
  5. Free Wi-Fi At Airports

Health / Body Hacks

  1. Don’t Lose Your Hair
  2. Change Your Circadian Rhythm
  3. Prevent Splashing
  4. Save A Life With Coconut
  5. Speed Up 911
  6. Cure Brain Freeze
  7. Sneeze Fast
  8. Combat Acne
  9. See In The Dark
  10. Avoid Sinus Congestion

Miscellaneous Hacks

  1. Extend A Remote’s Range
  2. Your Hand As A Ruler
  3. Reboot The Credit Card Machine
  4. Go Straight To Your Floor
  5. Spend Less Time In The Cold
  6. Test A Remote
  7. Extra Batteries

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